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Current position:Home > Products > highQu GmbH > PCR & qPCR > Standard & Direct PCR > SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit

SampleIN™ Direct PCR Kit


Price: ¥1372.00 ¥5586.00

80 r of 50 µl
amount: - +
Products Description

SampleIN ™ Direct PCR kit is an advanced tool for rapid direct PCR, eliminating the need for tedious template purification. The kit can be used for direct PCR of mouse tails or ears, mammalian tissues, hair follicles, oral swabs and blood.

Scope of application

Rapid direct PCR without template purification

Genotyping and knockout analysis of mice

Direct PCR for mouse tail or ear, mammalian tissue (including FFPE)

Direct PCR for hair follicles, oral swabs and plant samples

Direct blood PCR (including EDTA or FTA samples).

Product advantages:

PCR can be loaded in 50 minutes without template purification

Single tube 15-minute DNA extraction combined with rapid hot-start PCR

Red dye is directly loaded in PCR main mixing

High yield under standard or fast cycle conditions

Successful use of GC/AT rich model

Using DPK lysis and protease buffer, DNA was rapidly extracted in a single tube for 15 minutes to generate PCR template extract. Under the condition of rapid circulation, the hot start Taq main mixture was used for further amplification, including the red dye directly loaded with gel.

In 2% TAE agarose gel, the red dye migrates with about 350 bp of DNA, and in 1% TAE agarose gel, it migrates with about 600 bp of DNA.

ALLin ™ HS Red Taq Mastermix includes a hot start Taq DNA polymerase to ensure high yield, specific and low background amplification. Hybrid components allow rapid PCR cycles and add success when working with complex templates or multiplex. The generated a-tail PCR product is suitable for connecting to TA cloning vector, sequencing and other applications.


Declaration: This product is for scientific research only.

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