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  • FM成纤维细胞培养基

FM Fibroblast Culture Medium


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Products Introduction
Fibroblasts Are The Main Cellular Components Of Loose Connective Tissue. The Cells Are Spindle Shaped Or Flat Star Shaped With Protrusions. According To Different Functional Activity States, Cells Are Divided Into Fibroblasts And Fibroblasts. The Fibroblast Culture Medium Is Composed Of 2% Low Serum And Small Molecule Compounds. The Culture Medium Contains Vitamins, Metalloproteins, Glutamine, Lipid Concentrates, Antioxidant, Purines, Sugars And Cell Growth Factors, Which Can Maintain The Nutrients Required For Cell Growth In Vitro, And Is Suitable For The Growth Of Most Fibroblasts. Medium Formula: Basic Medium: 500ml, Cell Growth Factor (FGCS) 5ml;, Fetal Bovine Serum: 10ml, G/A: 5ml Remarks: 125ml Bottle Without Kit, Prepared In Whole Bottle. Statement: The Product Is Only For Scientific Research