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  • 免程序降温细胞冻存液(低血清)

Programmed Free Cryopreservation Of Cells (low Serum)


Price: ¥Twelve



Products Introduction
Product Description, This Product Is A Ready To Use Reagent With Stable Storage, Convenient Use And High Cell Survival Rate. The Cells Frozen With This Product Need Not Be Cooled In The Process Of Freezing, And Can Be Directly Placed At - 80 ℃. There Is No Need For Centrifugation During Resuscitation, And The Fluid Can Be Changed Within 12-16 Hours After Resuscitation. Precautions: 1. After Initial Use And Melting, It Can Be Stored At 4 ℃ For 1 Month, But The Frequency Of Repeated Freezing And Thawing Should Be Reduced To Avoid Failure. 2. It Is Better To Freeze The Cells In Logarithmic Growth Phase. 3. Control The Digestion Time Of Trypsin, And Remember That Excessive Digestion Will Affect The Effect Of Cell Resuscitation. 4. In The Process Of Cell Resuspension, Please Be Gentle To Avoid Damaging The Cells, But At The Same Time, You Must Fully Resuspension, So That The Cells Will Not Form Clusters When They Are Revived. 5. Please Pay Attention To Sterility During Cell Operation. 6. For Your Safety And Health, Please Wear Lab Clothes And Disposable Gloves. Transportation And Storage: Dry Ice Transportation, - 20 ℃ Storage Statement: The Product Is Only For Scientific Research