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  • 黑胶虫抑制剂

Gelatina Melanogaster Inhibitor


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Products Introduction
Gelatina Melanogaster And Its Decomposition Complex Are Common Cell Pollutants, Which Are Symbiotic With Cells And Pass Down With Cell Passage. Generally, Antibiotics Have No Effect On Them. "Gelatina Melanogaster" Grows Competitively With Cells, Which Is Unfavorable To Cell Growth And May Lead To Cell Death In Severe Cases. At Present, Most Cells In Universities And Scientific Research Institutions Are Polluted By The "black Glue Insect", Which Has A Great Impact On Cell Culture And Subsequent Experiments. The Compound Antibiotic Can Effectively Inhibit The Growth Of The Gelatina Melanogaster. It Is Recommended To Use It In Cycles, Generally 7-15 Culture Cycles Per Inhibition Cycle. Main Ingredients: Tetracycline, Chloramphenicol, MRAs Antibiotic Polypeptide Mixed Solution Storage Temperature: - 20 ℃ Note: Only For Scientific Research.