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  • 平滑肌细胞培养基SMGCM

Smooth Muscle Cell Culture Medium SMGCM


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Products Introduction
Smooth Muscle Cell Culture Medium Is A Low-serum Medium Specially Used For Primary Smooth Muscle Cell Culture, With A Serum Content Of 2%. This Medium Contains TGF, FGF And Other Growth Factors Required For The Growth Of Smooth Muscle Cells, And Is Suitable For The Growth Of Most Smooth Muscle Cells. When Cells Are Extracted With This Medium, It Is Recommended To Increase The Serum To 5% To Obtain More Cells. This Medium Is Sterile, Mycoplasma Free, And Endotoxin Free. The Kit Culture Medium Includes: Smooth Muscle Basic Culture Medium SMGCM-b (product Number: P3000) 485ml; SMGC Smooth Muscle Growth Factor (Product No.: P3002): 5ml; FBS/fetal Bovine Serum (product No.: SD0200): 10ml; G/A (article No.: SD0038): 5ml Remarks: 100ml Is The Whole Bottle Configuration. Statement: The Product Is Only For Scientific Research