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  • MSCM间充质干细胞培养基

MSCM Mesenchymal Stem Cell Culture Medium


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Products Introduction
Main Components: Insulin, Transferrin, Ethanolamine, Sodium Selenite, Growth Factor, Putrescine, Inorganic Salt, Vitamins, Albumin And Antioxidants Are Added To The Basic Culture Medium To Enable Mesenchymal Stem Cells To Adhere To The Culture Medium, Achieve In Vitro Culture And Expansion, And Maintain The Potential Of Multi-directional Differentiation. It Is Suitable For The Culture Of Various Mesenchymal Stem Cells Such As Fat, Bone Marrow Umbilical Cord And Bone Marrow Matrix. It Is Sterile And Free Of Mycoplasma, Endotoxin And Other Tests. Medium Formula: Basic Medium: 500ml (P2000); Cell Growth Factor (MSGCS) 5ml;; Fetal Bovine Serum: 25ml (SD0200); G/A: 5ml (SD0038) Remarks: 100ml Bottle Without Kit, Prepared For The Whole Bottle. Statement: The Product Is Only For Scientific Research.